Facial Treatments
There are no cookie cutter facials here! ?A facial treatment always begins with a consultation form and a thorough skin analysis. Carisa uses a very methodical and in-depth technique called face mapping. She splits the face into 14 zones, analyzing each zone and documenting her findings onto a face chart. Only by covering the skin inch-by-inch can a true analysis of the skin condition be obtained. With this information, Carisa can then customize a treatment specific to your skin?s needs! ?The treatment is then followed by a prescribed home care regimen best suited for your skin.

Facial treatments combined with a professional home care regimen provide many skin benefits such as, correcting a skin condition, improving tone and texture, aiding in detoxification, providing stress relief (They are super relaxing!), and maintaining the overall health and balance of the skin. ?So if you would love to begin your skin transformation, come on in for a Fabulous Facial or to chat with Carisa about product appropriate for your skin!

Please view our products page for more information about the amazing Rhonda Allison &?Osmosis skincare lines used in all treatments.

Q:? Will I break out after my facial/product usage?

A:? Whenever we introduce something new to the skin, there is a likelihood that some purging may occur.? It does not happen all of the time, and if it does, it may only be one to just a few little breakouts.? This may be due to deeper penetration, the active ingredients or a release of toxins that are built up.? Please keep in mind that it this is temporary; typically a 30 day period must pass before our dermis adapts to being stimulated.

Q:??May I wear makeup right after my facial?

A:? Yes, if it is a mineral makeup.? The more natural and clean the makeup, the better it is going to be for your skin.? A lot of beauty products out there, including makeup, have toxic and harsh ingredients that can actually cause the skin conditions to worsen, particularly aging due to inflammatory causing ingredients.

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